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October 12, 2009

Man, you oughta think they’d learn you at military camp not to shout at people before you attempt a sneak attack.

Last week Der-Shing of the lovely The Meek was so kind as to throw a link our way. If you’ve come over from there hello and welcome to you :) (And to the few people out there who aren’t familiar with The Meek yet: Go read it! It’s great!)

This week’s voting incentive is another WIP reference sheet – This time of Opal.


Well I don’t think he’s dead yet, ol’ fish dude was stabbed in the stomch and had a leg nom’d before he went down adn he’s not evn dead yet. Our orange friend here should be able to survive having a sword gently waved at him. Or maybe not, depends how angry that vampires going to get from the impromtu hair cut. Ooooh, some variables here methinks.

Cliff notes version of that: I’d give him a 60% chance of survival.

Oh, and to all those people wandering in from The Meek: Welcome! Don’t mind me, I’m just here to be here. And to highfive you if you make a good obscure reference. But anyway, yeah.

You would think stealth might be required when attacking an enemy, but not for mister orange. He’s got to go and talk it out with the enemy. Sheesh…

Loving what I’m reading, thus far! Can’t wait to see more! :D

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