Rebound page 89

December 7, 2010

Edit 20/12 2010:

Hi guys. New page is going to be late again, been busy still.

But here’s the deal: I’m going to colour page 90 live on Livestream today and hopefully I can get it done while it’s still Monday around here.
You can come take a look, chat with me and listen to some music on

(On a side note, this always seems to come up when I’m streaming: If I randomly disconnect without saying I’m going, it’s just my internet connection fucking up and I’ll be right back.)


Oooh god, I have been/am so busy. Isn’t it just the best when you have to design and code a big, dynamic website from scratch in a week? (No, it is not.)

Here’s the late page, though. Don’t count on me to have a page next week. Seems pretty unrealistic at this point.

Also, Rex, stop being such an annoying asshole :I


Monique isn’t particularly inventive, is she? (If you can’t touch the burning victim, fly and use some kind of hooks. Think, for Michael’s sake!)

But of course, Nicholas is coming to save the day! I wish I could see how annoyed Balthazar is in panel 5.

Seeing as the poor kid is chained to the rock that wouldn’t really be possible, though.

Why exactly wouldn’t that be possible? Thats like saying its impossible to make a head placement for a human guillotine. Its as simple as making a connection to the rock n a hook like ring n connect a chain n on the other end of the chain have a lock big enough to wrap ur neck. How could that be a hard possibility? Plus their powerful demons. Therefore they wouldn’t need tools to make a groove in the rock for the chain. That human, excuse me “elf” wouldn’t be strong enough to break free. Anyway, I truely believe they all exist except for an elf. He looks like a full grown man n would be as tall as the angels. Unless ur calling a dwarf an elf of course. I don’t mean to bash I realize that’s a lot of work, so otherwise good job w everything that’s harder work than ppl realize. Even more stressful when u ain’t getting paid for this.

What I meant was it wouldn’t be possible here, right at this moment – not that you could never in any situation do something about it of course.
Why? Because A) as you say, it would require something to hook on to the base of the chain, and something attached to that hook so you could actually pull, which means B) someone would have to walk across the platform/fly over it to attach the hook, which would pretty much set them on fire or at least hurt them very badly. C) I don’t see anything remotely useful for quickly making such a hook and chain at the scene, do you? D) Even if you could do all these things – Get a hold of a hook/chain and attach it, it would require you to stand/fly rather close to the center of the platform to pull in a way that is in any way effective. Plus, it would require some super human strength to pull a metal chain apart, or pull a metal plate out of a solid stone slab. Angels do not have super human strength, I’m afraid.
So yeah, that’s what I meant when I said impossible.

I’m sorry, but the last half of this comment confuses me? Are you saying the angels are demons? Because they’re not and they don’t have any special powers apart from their wings.
And yes, the guy in the middle of the circle is pretty average height – when it’s mentioned that he is a kid, it’s not meant like he is a little kid, just young. He’s 16.

We don’t mind critique, or you know, just discussing the content, so it doesn’t feel like bashing. Don’t worry about it :)

Chop the chains and drag him with ropes/something cool enough?

Hope they paid you enough for a whole week’s work

… Er. I feel like asking, why the heck do they have WINGS for man. lulz

What good would flying do them anyway? Heat travels upwards, you know. Have you ever tried sticking your hand in the steam from a pot of boiling water? You don’t do that, it will burn you.

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