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May 27, 2009

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Oh no, Lu is killing all the pretty flowers!

I am so in love with our version of Lucifer, especially the fact that she is a woman (or at least represents a woman, you can’t really gender specify the arch angels). In fact I am so in love with her that every time I see some other artists’ take on Lucifer I catch myself wondering for a few seconds why they’ve decided to picture this fallen lord of the underworld as a man. Then I realise that’s usually how he is pictured.

Yeah, we can all thank Maia for this beauty. Pretty much everything that has to do with Hell is created by her.


Noooooo! Not the prettiful flowers! It’s a sure sign that she’s diabolical evil! That and the whole, y’know, corrupting humanity thing. But mostly because of the flower thing!

And I can imagine why God took away most of their powers. ‘Cause if I could spawn anything, anything in the whole wide world, I would probably create Cthulu and put him in Tokyo. Mind you, what with giant monsters stomping through their city all the time they probably wouldn’t so much as bother to call the military for one measily little tentacled monster… Maybe Manhattan then. Or Cerberus. Just as home security y’know?

I hadn’t thought about Lucifer being a woman until I read this, but it does make sense, and now I can’t see how I ever saw her/him as a male. xD Perhaps all the more reason to be the fallen one – PMS

Also, does she have three sets of wings or four? I count three main sets but it looks like there is an extra one hiding up there at the top? Or is my brain turning something else to look like a wing? @_@

Oh – wait, never mind about the wing thing o_o; my mind WAS playing tricks on me in seeing one wing as two. heh, oops >>;

This whole project is mere awesomeness, I must say.. o_O
Just one tiny little thing… It’s “Thou hast”.. and always the -st -ending in the second person, unless with the to be-verb which becomes “thou art”.. Sorry, rabid words from an anglofanatic, grammar-nazi-ish, annoying little girl >_>
Art on, keep the pages coming :>

Thank you so much, and thank you for correcting me :) I appreciate grammar nazis, I know my english is not totally perfect and we don’t really have any anglofanatic people to test read the script, so feel free to correct all you want.
Also, I actually don’t think I knew that. If I did I must have forgotten. You learn something new every day, huh? :) Anyway, I’ll make sure to edit the page.

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